7 Free Ways to Instantly Write Better Headlines

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The number one way to drive more traffic to your blog is to write better headlines.


But, it’s really not that complicated, I promise. In fact, you can instantly write better headlines today with the resources I have listed below.

By the end of this post (if you go through and check out all the resources, trust me, you’re not going to want to skip any of these) you will have everything you need to start writing incredibly effective headlines and get more clicks!

I’ve gathered up my favorite tools and resources to help you create irresistible headlines without having to resort to the lowest form of sleazy marketing. 

Spammy clickbait

We don’t want any of that. Your audience will lose respect for you if you reel them in with clickbait-y nonsense. 

want that

"signature style"

that makes your brand instantly recognizable?

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Now, there is one tool I’ve included below that does nothing but generate headlines that are a bit clickbait-y, however, it’s a useful tool to help you come up with how to word your headlines to get people to want to click on them. And quite frankly, it’s a fun tool, so hopefully it’ll help you get your creative juices flowing.

So make sure your headline reflects the content, and use these resources to learn how to make your headlines more catchy.

These are the best resources I’ve seen! I’m all about finding free alternatives for pretty much anything in life, so for those who are budget-conscience like me, I think you will like this list.



Alex Cattoni has a Youtube channel dedicated to copywriting and boy, oh, boy is she AMAZING. She provides some of the best tips for writing catchy copy that is genuine and authentic. 

This video is her “H.O.T.” formula for writing headlines and it is extremely helpful.


Complete copywriting tutorial – examples, tips and formulas

Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko, provides a lot of very unique tips in this video that I’ve never heard before. There are a couple tips specifically about headlines in this video but the majority of it is about copywriting in general. 

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In this article by TheWritersForHire.com, they provide a cheat sheet that is very handy for writing emotional headlines. Headlines that provoke or stir a powerful emotion in the reader will be more successful.

This list of 108 most persuasive words in the english language is definitely something you want to keep handy or bookmark for reference when you go to write your next headline. This is something you might want to screenshot and save for reference.



Jim and Ricky at Income School are two of my favorites to follow. They have such a fun way of explaining how to blog and they make it very easy to understand. If you are ever looking for “hack” type of tips, these guys should be your go-to.

They definitely have a gift for “uncomplicating” the complicated and in this video, they give some cool tips and idea for how to write better headlines.



How to write epic blog post titles that get crazy clicks and shares

Talk about a blog that gets so in depth about everything she writes. You can tell that she really spends the time and effort to research her topics. 

Each of her blog posts are packed with such high quality content it’s almost like reading a mini-book. 

This particular post provides formulas for the two basic kinds of titles. How to’s and lists. They are the two kind that drive the most traffic to your blog or channel. She walks you through how to write headlines for these types of posts, and she gives you simple formulas and templates as well.


Portent’s content idea generator – instant blog title inspiration

Portants content generator

This is a pretty cool tool to use if you need an idea on how to word your headline. It’s been updated since I first wrote this post, and to be honest, I’m not so sure how I feel about it anymore. But it’s still a helpful tool to get your ideas going if you’re at a complete loss for what to write.

So it stays on the list… for now…

They display different tips each time you generate a new title too (Update: it does not do this anymore. Which sucks. The site seems like it might be a bit glitchy so I’m going to give it some time before i design to remove this from my list).



Coscheduler headline analyzer

Once you come up with a couple headlines to test out, put them through this analyzer. It’s in depth explanations for what you need and what needs taken away really help you to understand how to construct better headlines. 

CoSchedule is just an all around amazing blog anyway. They have such invaluable information that you can’t get anywhere else. I could spend hours (and i have) reading post after post.

I used the Headline Analyzer when I was coming up with the headline for this very article. Here are the ones i went through before i decided on the title I currently have:

7 Free Resources to Make You Write Better Headlines

7 Free Resources for Creating Amazing Headlines

7 Free Resources to Help You Create Remarkable Headlines

Write Better Headlines Today with these 7 Free Resources

When I put these through the analyzer, the same thing kept coming up. They lacked emotion. Although I think “Help You,” and “amazing” are considered emotional, they didn’t pass the analyzer.

Which one do you prefer?

Is there a resource I left out that you feel is an invaluable tool for creating viral headlines? I would really hate to miss out on more amazing tips, so please share them below in the comments!

Until next time,


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