Hi there!

I'm Jennifer.

Solopreneur, artist, and obsessed with thinking outside-the-box.

Imagination makes me happy and I have a relentless love of problem-solving through creative thinking. 

Audio-book junkie over here, so when I’m not working on my blog, creating products, or “mommy-ing,” you can find me ear-bud-deep in researching and listening to any book I can feed my brain.


I am!

Now, hear me out… aesthetically they look professional, crisp, and clean cut…

Which, naturally, means I find them gross. 

They never scream “THIS IS JENNIFER!” The only thing they screamed at me is “THIS IS EVERY BLOGGER, EVER!”

I’m here to help your brand stand out through YOUR voice, YOUR personality, and YOUR style so you can have a truly YOUnique business.

None of that cookie cutter crap-ity schmap-ity.

Polaroid picture of Jennifer

See, I’m a girl of many interests, hobbies, passions and talents. I’ve been called a “jack of all trades” more than once.

Which is just a nice way of saying you have creative A.D.D., and in my case, that’s mixed in with a little dash of artistic bipolar.

My interests tend to circulate around, the esoteric, self improvement, mindset, and creative writing.

And yes, I have attempted making a business out of all the things. I probably drive all my Facebook friends nuts with the countless “like my page” requests… eh whatyado?

So where did all this start?

I drew cartoons when I was a little kid. I wanted to become an animator. For a 7th grade school project, I wrote to Disney and told them I wanted to work for them. They actually wrote me back! I wish I still had that letter.

Then, In high school I took a graphic design class. 

Why my 18 year old self didn’t bother to pursue that into college is something my 32 year old self will never understand.

However, later on I took a few college classes on design, video production and motion graphics and that is when I first dipped my toes in the proverbial “professional pool.” 

But, to be totally honest, I mostly learned my skills from online courses and youtube.

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About 10 years ago I ran my own semi-successful business as a makeup artist and worked with clients as well as being a full time youtuber teaching makeup tutorials.

So original, I know.

I was feeling lost like I hit a passionless roadblock. 

I had no desire to to do makeup. I don’t care about high end crap or the current “must-have” makeup palette, and I couldn’t fake the peppy attitude.

The YouTube channel makeup miracles online previewing on iphone

Everyone else always seemed to know their purpose in life since they were negative 9 months. 

Twiddling their tiny embryonic thumbs waiting to emerge with their little baby passions.

PFFTT! I’m the opposite. I’ve spent my life finding and adopting different identities.

Remember Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century?

You know what, nope, I changed my mind, we’re skipping ahead..

Then it dawned on me.

The happiest I was ever in my life was when I was using my creativity and producing some form of art whether it was a logo, YouTube video, short film, special fx type makeup or simply sitting down and drawing something.

But it kills me to see so many talented content creators unintentionally self sabotage simply because they don’t know how to brand their business.

Which is what brought me to teaching about branding, and showing you how to mold your writing and visual style to truly reflect your personality.

It’s 2020, y’all, and THAT is the way to stand out today, friend

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