Top 10 best blogging resources

Everything you need to start your blogging business the right way.

I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best blogging resources I highly recommend to create a blog and brand the easiest way possible.

*this post includes affiliate links, which means I make commission on a portion of the sales. This does not affect the price of purchase. I do not promote anything I don’t fully recommend.

Build your site

Web hosting - siteground

If you’re looking to build a website with wordpress and you’re not sure who to choose for hosting, I HIGHLY recommend Siteground. They have amazing customer service and help you get everything set up with ease. I bugged them quite a bit when I first got started, and they were so kind and helpful. 

They also provide a free SSL license (which is essential to run a secure site) and many other basic website maintenance requirements that a lot of other hosting providers charge as additional “premium add-ones.”

I had a site with Bluehost a few years back, and although I don’t remember much (good or bad) about my experience with them, I don’t remember it being as easy to navigate and set up as it is with Siteground.

A lot of people shy away from wordpress because of the frustration and difficulty when it comes to designing it. So many bloggers have gone to platforms like Squarespace and Wix because of the easy drag ‘n drop model they have.

I’ve tried Wix, and although it was easy for the most part, it wasn’t any less frustrating than wordpress. 

I prefer wordpress because it’s just so damn flexible and other platforms are so limiting in comparison.

That’s where Elementor comes in. It takes wordpress and makes it into one of the easiest drag ‘n drop website builders I’ve EVER used!

I’m truly amazed by this plug-in. And it’s free to use! I definitely recommend upgrading to the Pro version once you get a feel for it but I’m telling you right now, it’s soooo worth it!

I’m all about DIY branding without the headache and one of the biggest part of the web design portion of that is thanks to this bad boy. 

Elementor is so feature rich and easy, I honestly wouldn’t even bother with any other page builder.

Seo tool - rankmath

S.E.O. (Search engine optimization) is a key part successful blogging. Making sure you’re using the right words in the right places for the right number of times without being spammy is a BIG part of getting your site to show up on google (there’s a lot more to SEO but that’s one example). Making sure you get it right can be a huge pain and can feel overwhelming. 

Which brings me the next of blogging resources.

Rankmath. Before Rankmath came out, Yoast SEO was the kingpin plugin for optimizing your blog posts, so that one might sound more familiar to you.

Rankmath is amaze-balls and so easy to use. And it is now integrated with Elementor so you can optimize each and every page on your site without having to switch back and forth between wordpress backend and Elementor.

Design your site

Ohhh Canva… this is my go-to tool I use to design everything on my site. Literally everything! From blog graphics, to logos, to social media templates, and even the branding bundles I sell in my brand template shop!

They are constantly improving the functionality of this web based software and it has come such a long way since they first started!

They make it easy to stay “on brand” with their brand kits when you’re designing any graphic and they’ve added some awesome features like background removal and text effects that take all designs to the next level!

Market your site

Convertkit is the best email marketing software I’ve tried so far. Before I decided to stick with Convertkit, I tried MailChimp and MailerLite. 

I don’t know about you, but when I first signup for MailChimp I instantly felt overwhelmed a little frustrated. I didn’t get far with MailerLite because of technical issues approving my account.

Everything with Convertkit has been a breath of fresh air by comparison!

I was able to set up an opt-in form, write the confirmation email sending my freebie, and landing page within 30 minutes of signing up to this service! So I decided this was definitely the way to go.

I love that you can use it for free (except sending automation sequences) until you build you list up before you need to pay. 

So if you’re looking for email marketing in the simplist way possible and with bloggers in mind, check out their free plan!

Tailwind makes posting consistently on Pinterest and Instagram a helluva lot easier with their scheduler. I’m convinced that this app is the reason so many bloggers have success reeling in their audience with Pinterest and Instagram. 

It analyzes your profile and automatically picks the best times to post so you don’t even have to think about it.

All you have to do is add images to your queue and it pumps ‘em out when your audience is most active!

Tailwind tribes (which is a free feature) is also a fantastic way to get a bunch of exposure and traffic to your blog.

If you’re planning on using Pinterest or Instagram as your main advertising source, I’d be getting this app like yesterday! Tailwind should be a staple in your blogging resources.


Whether you’re looking to learn a skill to start blogging about, or needing to learn the more “business” side of blogging, Skillshare is a a great place to go from noobie to expert in no time!

They have classes on just about any subject you can think of like health and fitness, writing blog posts, marketing, design, art, and productivity.

You can get access to classes free for 2 months if you sign up through this link.


Easiest workspace setup

These next 3 amazing pieces of technology is what makes up my entire workspace. Design, writing, research, web design… everything is done here.

I do not work on a desktop or laptop. This is not a super fancy iPad Pro. 

My goal is to make things as easy as possible with a reasonable budget and this is what I find works best for me.

This is an iPad Air 3. It functions very similarly to iPad Pro and I freakin’ love this thing. It works like a laptop and it’s so versatile. 

I created my entire website on this little gem!

This has made my work 1000x easier (as you can tell, I go for anything that simplifies my life). 

I wanted something that could make the functionality of my iPad more like a laptop when I need it to act like a laptop. 

And this baby does the trick!

It’s great quality, the keyboard feels comfortable and the touchpad functions just like a laptop. The biggest obstacle in web design (or any design) on a tablet is the ability to right click and “click” on objects with precision, and this solved that problem.

There are 5 specific features I was looking for when choosing a tablet case:

  • To fold into a a normal iPad when I need it to.
  • To stay sturdy in my lap (no table required to use the keyboard).
  • Hold a stylus pen snuggly.
  • Function as a laptop when needed.
  • Prop up the screen for drawing or leisure.
Yup! I’m satisfied with this purchase and it was under $100!

This stylus is great if you’re looking for a considerably cheaper alternative to the apple pen. 

It functions like an apple pen and is very precise!

It runs about 30 bucks and has a nice weight to it.

If you looking for a good quality stylus and don’t want to fork up the $100+ for the official apple pen, this is the way to go!

On the blog.