Having a hard time motivating yourself to work on your blog?

Learn the step-by-step process to set blogging goals, brainstorm profitable content and create a schedule you’ll actually stick with.

Sound familiar?

Do you struggle with creating content that brings you traffic and money?

Trust me, I totally get what it’s like…

Spending hours exhausting over your blog just to feel like your not really getting anything accomplished.

Putting off writing blog content because you’re afraid it won’t make any money.

You feel tired and defeated after buying hosting and building your site just to be stuck at creating content.

You took the first step and now it’s hard to keep going and grow your blog.

Do you struggle with consistency and content planning?

Do you write blog posts with random affiliate links hoping to get a sale?

Imagine just 6 days from now, you’ll...

  1. Have a clear measurable and actionable goal for your blog
  2. Eliminate writers block and fuzziness because you’ll know EXACTLY who you’re writing for.
  3. Find your perfect niche and make it matter!
  4. Craft an attention grabbing “I help” statement so you never stumble to explain EXACTLY what it is you do!
  5. Find your Unique Selling Point that makes you stand out from everyone else.
  6. Plan your ideal profitable blogging strategy so you know exactly what you need to be focusing on
  7. You’ll learn how to brainstorm and plan your blog posts in a strategic way so your audience is ready to buy!
  8. Have a blogging schedule that keeps you consistent and engaging on social media and your blog.


Build a Profitable Blogging Biz in 6 Days

If you feel overwhelmed with AALLLLL the information on how to start a blog but you don’t have the first clue on HOW to apply it to yours, this is the challenge you need to take!

This 6 day blogging challenge takes you day by day how to...

Don't you just hate it when a course info-dumps on you and you're left to figure out HOW to use it on your own?

On day 6, I give you an actual schedule of daily, weekly and quartly tasks so you never forget anything again!

This scheduling tool includes:

Alone, this tool is worth the price of the entire 6 day challenge

The 6 day challenge itself includes a workbook with:

PLUS, you get a whole workshop on brainstorming your blog posts with profit, keywords and strategy in mind so you KNOW you’re picking the right topics for the right stage of your audience.

So, are you ready to start making money with your blog?

Valued at over $200, you can get this today for just $47!

You also get over $70 worth of bonuses included for FREE

Want to clarify your brand voice and brand story? I’ve included a bonus lesson that walk you through how to define your brand voice and write an epic and attention grabbing brand story that will make your readers swoon.

I’ve also decided to throw in 6 opt-in magnets templates so you can easily drop in your freebie and start advertising it in minutes! (made in canva)

You ALSO get access to my google docs blog post outline template (this makes planning blog posts 10000x easier)

And one more thing!

I’ve included a bonus “plan my website” sheet and checklist (ppsst! This is how i designed my homepage 😉

this is for you if...

this is not for you if...

“This workbook is the foundation for something extraordinary. It’s so comprehensive with awesome questions. The way it’s laid out is brilliant. This is so great and needs to be out in the world! So many people can really use something like this to help gain clarity on what they want their business to be. Or for someone who is pivoting and wanting to take their business in another direction. Over-under it’s fantastic!”

Eryn Morgan, Business Coach

I’m Jeffie Ren.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 10 years and obsess over how the brain works and how people think.

I’m also a total nerd with creative writing, story telling and design. So I use my skills to teach other entrepreneurs psychology driven branding so they can stay consistent and stand out without being “fake.”

By the end of this 6 day challenge...

…you’ll not only have at least 12 profitable blog posts planned out and brainstormed for the next 3 months, but you’ll wipe out all writers block and fuzziness around your blog by clarifying who you’re speaking to and HOW you help them.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will always have access to this challenge!

ouch! 🙁 but I understand, these things happen. Just shoot me an email with 72 hours of purchase and I’ll send you an refund. 

After 72 hours, all sales are final.

No. This 6 day challenge is for bloggers who already have a website and their blog set up.

The bonuses become available after you’ve completed the 6 day challenge.

Feel free to email me at JeffieRen@thebacon.biz

I just completed the workbook! It was an excellent experience! It really helped me dig deeper into why I am doing what I am doing and how I’ll stand out. I have more clarity going forward and even uncovered many new competitors and what makes them tick. This workbook overall will be a good go-to guide for my business.”

Divya Mody

Are you ready to stop struggling and start making money with your blog?