[Limited Time Offer] 67 Prompts & Exercises to Build a Kick-Ass Brand (Workbook)


Over 30 pages of questions, writing prompts and exercises designed to help you brainstorm the best ideas to develop your brand and business. 

Go from vague idea to developed brand in just 7 days.

Plus 2 bonuses!


Ignite your creativity and clarify your business with these 67 prompts and exercises:

Day 1 – Cover the crucial answer to the most powerful question. “why?” The prompts take you through you own personal why that drives you, as well as the purpose behind your business.

Day 2 – Don’t guess who your target audience is anymore. This section helps you get in their head and helps you figure out where they are so you can find them instead of waiting for them to find you.

Day 3 –  Uncover your strengths so you know where to put your focus as you grow your business. Learn about your competitors so you can better position yourself. And discover your Unique Selling Proposition with a fun venn diagram chart.

Day 4 – Put deeper meaning behind your business by defining your values. Then fill out a fun brand personality assessment to nail your voice and tone.

Day 5 – Write an epic brand origin story! A long one and a short simplified one.

Day 6 – Map out your vision for the future, anticipate obstacles and have a plan for overcoming them.

Day 7 –  Define the exact experience your customers will have every time they interact with your business so you make sure your brand is a memorable one. Find your brand keywords and map out a strategy to get eyes on your website.


Plus Bonus Pages

  • Goal setting worksheet.
  • Social media strategy blueprint.